Complaints Policy

Mere and District Link Scheme    

Charity No: 1062328

Complaints Policy and Procedures

(Approved May 2024)


The Link Scheme Volunteers and Trustees aim to give the best possible service to everyone using the Scheme.

However, we recognise that occasions may arise when someone who uses the Link, or their relatives or carers, feel the service falls below the desired standard.

Feedback from anyone involved with the charity is invaluable in helping us to continuously improve. Negative feedback and complaints are particularly helpful in pinpointing what we need to do better and, if we deal with complaints effectively, we can enhance our relationships with our passengers and colleagues.


This policy helps the Mere and District Link Scheme to maintain a safe and reliable service, underpinned by good governance.  It applies to all volunteers, passengers and anyone associated with the Link. If you have a complaint (or suggestion) we would like you to tell us about it so that we can consider how to improve our service.

Procedure: How to make a complaint

The aim of the procedure at all stages is to avoid delay in considering the complaint and to keep the complainant properly informed.

  1. The first point of contact should be the Link co-ordinator 01747 860096. 
  2. If the co-ordinator is unable to resolve your issue(s) immediately, or if the complaint concerns the co-ordinator, you should inform the Chair of Trustees by telephone 01747 860867 or in writing (  The complaint will be acknowledged within two working days.
  3. All complaints must be recorded on the Complaints Form (attached to this policy), which will be filed in the Complaints Book.
  4. The circumstances leading to the complaint will be investigated by the Lead co-ordinator, or the Chair of Trustees, or a Trustee delegated by the Chair (whichever is appropriate), who will aim to resolve the matter as soon as possible.
  5. If the complainant is still not satisfied the matter will be referred to a meeting of all Trustees, where the complainant will be invited to discuss their issue.
  6. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be agreed by all parties, the decision of the Trustee committee will be final. This decision will be communicated to the complainant, in writing, within two working days of the meeting.
Mere and District Link Scheme Complaint Form
Date of complaint 
Aggrieved person 
Complaint made to 
Nature of complaint 
Action needed 
Action taken 
Chair’s signature